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"LTD “Koncho & Co.” is a daughter company of joint stock company “ Corporation Kindzmarauli”. In September 18, 2001 JSC “ Corporation Kindzmarauli” founded LTD “Tamada”, the purpose of which was producing and realization of high graded and valuable wines. In 2007 the board of JSC “Corporation Kindzmarauli” decided to rename LTD “Tamada” with LTD “Koncho &Co.” The word Koncho, in old Georgian language, means Cross and the last name Konchoshvili is originated from this word. Accordingly “Koncho &Co.” implies family of Konchoshvili and “Corporation Kindzmarauli” together. From very early time, when old Georgians started viticulture and producing wines, the main activities of ancestors of family Konchoshvili were growing aborigine species of vine and making of unique and high quality wines in Georgia and especially in Kekhety region. Family of Konchoshvili made wines and Chacha vodka mainly for royal family and church. Because of this they were called as royal winemakers. It has to be mentioned, that family of Konchoshvili always gave to Georgian society educated, intelligent and diligent religious and public figures. Among them we have to single out Bishop Petre Konchoshvili, who was very prominent religious and political figure of XIX century Georgia. Traditionally, family of Konchoshvili has made and still makes high graded Georgian wine and Chacha vodka. It is not casual, that such a successful company as it is JSC “Corporation Kindzmarauli” currently is headed by father and son Tamazi and Kakhaber Konchoshvili. That is why the board of JSC “ Corporation Kindzmarauli” get decision to put special emphasis on name Konchoshvili and to use the root of this last name for the name of daughter company. Beside this there is one more important circumstance, that cause the necessity of foundation of LTD “ Koncho & Co.” In all over the world, all know micro zone of Kindzmarauli , which consolidates 450 ha of agricultural land. The owner of two third (2/3) of these lands is JSC “ Corporation Kindzmarauli”, but according to Georgian legislation JSC “ Corporation Kindzmarauli”does not have right to use the name Kindzmaraulli exclusively. Besides this, according to proper amendments in legislation, Georgian government decided to enhance square of Kindzmarauli micro zone from 450 to 4500ha of lands. Many other companies seized an opportunity and started manipulated with the name Kindzmarauli. These circumstances caused worsen of the quality of wines of “kindzmarauli”, which, on its side, damages the reputation of the products of JSC “Corporation Kindzmarauli”. So founders decided to change name to LTD “Tamada” with LTD “Koncho &Co.” LTD “Koncho &Co.” produces only elite, high graded and valuable wines. These wines are made on the bases of scientific researches by the best sort of grapes grown from specifically selected lands of Kindzmarauli micro zone. Wines, made from those grapes are successfully sold in Georgia and in about twenty other countries as well. The wines of LTD “Koncho &Co.” do not have analogue in the world. Besides the factor of Kindzmarauli micro zone, the unicity of wines is stipulated by the following factors: green vintage in July-August in vineyards of LTD “Koncho &Co.”; the late vintage in October-November for gathering red grapes from Saperavi species of vine; making of “Ice-wine” from the white grapes of Rkatsiteli vine; and exclusively revived of very old and threatened species of vine by the LTD “Koncho &Co.” and producing exclusive wines from those unique grapes such as “Tsvivani”. This vine one can fined only in the vineyards of LTD “Koncho &Co.”. The strategy of LTD “Koncho &Co.” is finding and growing of threatened species of vine producing exclusive wines from those species of grapes. LTD “Koncho &Co.” is completely oriented on producing and realization of elite wines and brands. Company makes popularization of Georgian wine all over the world. Welcome! The truth is in our wine! Taste and get acquainted with Georgian charm!