Dry Red Wine: Kvareli Special Reserve-2013


Dry Red Wine: Kvareli  Special Reserve-2013

Wine Cellar: Koncho &Co

Vine sort

100% Saperavi


Vine age

35 years



Kvareli is a high quality wine due to the soil and microclimate of its specific zone, which is surrounded by the forests of Kavkasioni in the north and the Alazani Valley in the south. The best vineyards within this micro-zone are owned by Corporation Kindzmarauli and represent the oldest wines with the highest quality, dating back several centuries.


In order for the wine to achieve this high quality, the harvest regulation begins from the initial stage of cutting. During the cutting process, all damaged and injured grape bunches are removed. Finally, the unripe (green) grapes are picked so that only one bunch is left on each shoot. This green vintage decreases the harvest by 50%, however this process greatly increases the quality of the wine.



Once the grapes are ripe, the healthy bunches are selectively picked by hand; this takes place at the end of September and beginning of October.



3-ton hectare



Classical fermentation of must, with halting on must after 3 weeks of fermentation; followed by malolactic fermentation and refinement in barrels for 2-3 years.



The wine is rich with ripe, rounded phenols and is easy to drink despite its high alcohol content. Kvareli has a complex aroma of berries, French plums and black currants, which are supplemented with delicate vanilla and carnation tones. It has a pleasant and full taste that lingers on the tongue for several hours. This wine keeps well for several years, and will exhibit the best qualities of the Saperavi grape.



The optional temperature for drinking is 18-20° C. The bold and complex goes well with heartier foods such as roasted red meats, mutton and refines cheese.