Dry Red Wine: Mukuzani

Name : Dry Red Wine: Mukuzani


Vine sort : 100% Saperavi


Vine age : 25 years


Vineyard : Mukuzani is grown in a traditional high-quality winemaking region and is one of the best-known names in Georgian dry red wines. The high quality of wine in the Mukuzani micro-zone is conditioned by the carbonate soils and the microclimate that dominates in this zone. The grapes in this zone are quite ripe, which is an important quality for this particular wine, and allows a higher extraction level.


Vintage : Once the grapes are ripe, the healthy bunches are selectively picked by hand; this takes place at the end of September.


Harvest : 7-8 ton on hectare


Technology : Classical fermentation with must until complete fermentation, followed by malolactic fermentation and aging  in Caucasian oak barrels for 1-2 years.


Characterization : Mukuzani, also called the prince of Georgian wines, is one of the best-known dry red wines in Georgia. The wine has dark pomegranate color, with a vibrant bouquet of cherry and black currants that balances perfectly with hints of vanilla and oak. Mukuzani has a harmonious taste, which demonstrates its great potential and high levels of ripe phenols, and lingers pleasantly for quite some time.


Recommendation: The optimal temperature for drinking is 18°.

This bold and complex wine pairs well with roasted dishes including mutton and goat, as well as cheese.