Dry Red Wine: Saperavi


Dry Red Wine: Saperavi


Wine Cellar:  Koncho&Co

Vine sort

100% Saperavi


Vine age

10 years



Saperavi is grown in the private vineyards of Corporation Kindzmarauli, which are spread throughout the Duruji river valley. Surrounded by the Kavkasioni range and the river, this region contains soil that is rich with black shale, which creates a unique condition that is important for vine resuscitation, as well as producing high quality wines.



Once the grapes are ripe, the healthy bunches are selectively picked by hand; this takes place at the end of September.



6-7-ton hectare



Classic fermentation with must until complete fermentation, which is followed by malolactic fermentation and refinement in 400 dal Caucasian oak barrels for 1-2 years.



Saperavi demonstrates the best qualities of this particular wine. The wine boasts a pomegranate color with a complex aroma of cherry and French plum, which balances perfectly with lovely oak tones. Saperavi lingers pleasantly on the tongue for awhile.



The optional temperature for drinking is 18-20° C. Saperavi goes well with all kinds of meat dishes and cheese.