Red Semi-Sweet Wine Alaznis Valley


Red Semi-Sweet Wine: Alaznis Valley


Wine Cellar:  Koncho&Co


Vine sort

100% Saperavi


Vine age

6-10 years



Alaznis Veli is grown in the vineyards spread along the Alazani River, which provides a unique condition, which creates a unique condition that is important for vine resuscitation, as well as producing high quality wines.



Once the grapes are ripe, the healthy bunches are selectively picked by hand; this takes place in the middle of September.



8-ton hectare



After the stems are removed and the grapes are pressed, one part of the must, which is concentrated by freezing the water in the must, is set aside. The controlled alcohol fermentation of the remaining must takes place for 2-4 days. After fermentation, the concentrated must that was previously set aside is then added to the wine.



Alaznis Veli is delicate and velvety, and boasts a lovely ruby color. It has a sweet taste, which goes well with its pleasant and eloquent aroma.



The optimal temperature for drinking is 16-18° C. Alaznis Veli can be served as an aperitif or with dessert.


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