Red dry wine Aleksandrouli


Red dry wine Aleksandrouli


Wine Cellar:  Koncho&Co

Vine sort:

85% Aleksandrouli, 15% Mudjuretuli

Vine age

10 years


Aleksandrouli is spread on the valley of the river Duruji, where the soil, rich with black shale, the complex of Kavkasioni ranges and the river create the unique conditions which are so important as for the vine resuscitation as well as for the high quality of the final product -wine.


At the time of grapes technical  ripeness, selective picking by hands (only the healthy bunches) takes place at the end of September.


6-7  tones on hectare


Classical  fermentation with must until the complete fermentation, then malo-lactic fermentation and refinement in 400 dal Caucasian oak barrels during 1-2 years.


Aleksandrouli shows well the best qualities of the vine sort. The wine is red- cherry coloured with well expressed sort aroma, in which the tones of red berries, match harmoniously with the pleasant tones of oak. The wine leaves the pleasant acerbity in the mouth cavity, herewith it doesn’t decrease the common harmoniousness of  the wine.


An optional temperature for drinking 18-20 C. The wine goes well with all kinds of meat dishes and cheese.


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