Amber  dry wine Mtsvivani   Kakhuri Qvevri

Name : Amber  dry wine “ Mtsvivani   Kakhuri “ Qvevri


Vine Variety : 100% Mtsvivani Kakhuri.


Vine Age : 20 years


Vineyeard : The wine “Mtsvivani -Kakhuri  Qvevri, is produced from own vineyards,  located in the specific areas, where traditionally the high quality of wine is caused by a black slate and alluvial carbonate souls, as well as the positive effect of the Caucasus Ridge and where  are all the conditions meet in order to reach the highest degree of grape maturity,  which is so important for the preparation of high quality Kakhetian traditional wines.


Vintage : Manually selective picking, (only healthy bunches) at the end of September, at the time of the ripening of grapes.


Harvest : 8 ton on hectare


Technology  : The grapes are crushed and then transferred together must and steam to a traditional clay vessel in Qvevri, where the wine is fermented and left on the chacha until the first heat of spring, probably until April of the following year. After which the wine is removed from the chacha and served in 400 liter oak barrels.


Characteristics : Wine is golden, pleasantly balanced with well-developed aroma with pear, dais, nuts and tea tones, which balance vanilla tones.  The taste of wine is full body and harmonious, high content of ripe phenols indicates the longevity of life and complexity. The wine is rich with antioxidants and a regular number of withdrawals reduces aging process and it is a good prophylaxis against cardiovascular disease.


Recommendation  : optimal temperature to drink is 18° C.

This variety of white grape from Kakheti is best suited to Georgian traditional dishes and also is best suited to red meat dishes, especially fatty cheese.





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