Kvareli , Red Dry old



Red dry wine Kvareli of appellation of origin

LTD ”Koncho & Co”

 Vine variety

100% Saperavi

Vine age

35 years


The specific zone soil and microclimate of Kvareli provide the receipt of the highest quality wine. Micro zone of Kvareli is bounded with the wooded ridge of Caucasus mountain from the North and on the other side, distances from the Alazani valley in the South. Kvareli micro zone is basically distinguished with the high content of the black shales in the soil, which enables reaching the best balance in wine, at the same time, law and medium productivity, which is characterized for the soil rich with black shales, directly proportionally increases the content, aging potential and accordingly, the quality of the wine. The best vineyards are in the ownership of the company, which represent the best viticultural places for the ancient, high quality wine, approved for centuries.

To achieve the high-quality in vineyards the regulation of the harvest is started from the cutting process, after which moving off all damaged and diseased bunches is carried out.


Hand-picking (only the healthy bunches) is carried out in the end of September, during the physiological ripeness of the wine.


8 tones on a hectare


Classic, boiling on dregs for 3 weeks. Leaving on the dregs after boiling, which is followed by apple – lactic acid boiling and aging in the barrels for 12 months.


The wine is rich with ripe, rounded phenols, despite the high alcohol content, the wine is pleasant for drinking, has the high aging potential and in condition of bottle storage (aging) the wine becomes more sharp and reveals the best qualities of Saperavi variety. In the aroma of the wine the tones of a forest berry, dried black plum and well expressed black currant tones are dominating complexly, filled with the tones of soft vanilla and clove. The resting taste of the wine is pleasant, complete and full as well, which may be left for couple of hours.


Optimal temperature for drinking 16-18 C

The wine is quite strong and complex, herewith, the domination of the wine is clear while having a less expressed meal, typical, strong food is nice with the mentioned wine; e.g. red meat roasted meals, best with mutton meals and aged cheese.





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