White semi-sweet wine: Kisi


White semi-sweet wine: Kisi


Wine Cellar:  Koncho&Co


Grape varieties

100% Kisi


Vine age

10 years



The rich soils located next to the Greater Caucasus mountain range produce traditionally high-quality grapes that make Kisi. Created in Corporation Kindzmarauli’s own vineyards, Kisi is produced in Kvareli.



Selective handpicking and the harvest of fully mature grapes are done within the last weeks of October



8-ton hectare



The stem is removed from the grapes and then pressed, after which the self-flown fraction of the must is selected., which is less than 55% of the total amount of the must. After treating and cleaning the must, the alcoholic fermentation takes place, at 17-19° C, under strict control.



This bright green wine is expressive with a ripe tropical aroma. Its lively bouquet blends with harmonious flavors that offer a pleasant, light taste.



The optimal drinking temperature is 14-16° C (57-60° F). This wine is best served as a dessert wine at the end of a meal.



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